Stabilized Wood

Hello! It’s my first post and I haven’t even received my machine. I work with stabilized wood hybrids (resin burls) and I can cut them down to about 2mm. Does anyone know or have the experience with this material? Will it cut or only engrave?


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There have been a bunch of posts about resin but none that I’ve seen about stabilized wood specifically.

If I had to think of gotchas, inconsistent materials are often difficult to get dialed in on your cut settings, but I bet you could do it. You ought to get familiar with a solid testing routine to help figure out what settings to use.

Here are some helpful things:

Let us know how it goes, I’m curious for sure.


Check the MSDS for the resins. Epoxy resins like those used to stabilize wood tend to produce VERY toxic fumes when cut with a laser and tend to be on the “don’t even try it” list. I think most people using resins successfully with the GF are adding the resin after cutting.

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Thank you. Sorry for asking or adding additional comments to an already answered question but, again, I am new and will be receiving my machine tomorrow morning.
I know that GF recommends its proofgrade materials, understandable, (I already placed a large order with them) but I have been surfing for laser grade cutting materials for the project that I am working on. Is there a recommendable site in addition to GF?

Try searching for “material source” Like “acrylic source” “hardwood source” or “tile source”. Lots of stuff up here.

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