Stacked wire hanging Succlent Planters

I make these a lot for farmers markets and they do very well. The wire is a huge pain but I’ve found it’s so much easier to work with than inexact stuff like rope.


Really nice. Do include pots with them at the markets?

Check out a local hardware store and see if there are any attractive lightweight chains in the bulk goods (chain-by-the-foot). If you use chain, you can just use the same number of links for each vertical connection. It may even be cheaper in the long run.


I like these a lot.

These are really well done.


I’ll check it out! Thanks for the tip!

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What a brilliant idea. All of my hanging planters are so huge that they won’t fit in my windows.

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yes, because its designed to have specific sizes that people might not be able to buy. ( i get them in bulk)


Very smart

THose are great looking! Nice work!

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