Stained Glass


Something I was working on last week before I left was testing the effects of various paints on the acrylic, and I wanted to see what some of the glass paints that I had could do. So I popped over to a stained glass site that offered free patterns, and rehydrated some of my nearly gone paints. (Don’t recommend that by the way, they must use something like ammonia as a base in those things…nearly passed out a couple of times. Just buy new paints if you need them.)

Anyway, the paints I had were in pretty bad shape in a couple of places, but the potential for making your own stained glass is there…I just did a small test frame.

You can see through it just fine, but a couple of the colors were still a little clumpy. Fresh paint would work a lot better. This was the Gallery Glass paints by Plaid. (Some were textured and some were transparent, I wanted to try both. Stick with the transparent.)

Y’all have fun experimenting.

Weekly Highlights for the Week Ending May 13th, 2017

Ohh…I like it! Great potential here for sure with kiddos too!


You blow my mind with every post!!


i wonder if you could do some interesting color work by mixing a pigment into something that melts acrylic.


I REALLY like this. I love acrylic anyway, and since I’m just beginning to get ‘into’ using acrylic, this would be great fun.


Im guessing you made all the colored sections an engraving and the black is ridges or was it the other way around? Either way it looks great.


The black was engraved and filled with the liquid leading, then leveled off.


Please explain liquid leading Jules.


It’s a paint that simulates the leading found between stained glass panels. It’s raised above the “glass”, and when you flood the panels with the thinner colors, it looks like true stained glass.


Oooo, very nice project! I really like that design. I’ve got a stained glass project in progress as well (great minds think alike?). Got lucky–Michaels is clearing out their stained glass paint kits and I got some for a big discount.


Cool, you could make your own little paint by numbers stained glass kit. :slight_smile:


Think of it a little like black “puffy” paint that creates thl "frames to fill with color. (But doesn’t raise rounded I don’t believe…)


No it flattens a bit - looks just like stained glass leading actually…we have an all glass walled shower and I put a large design on it in key locations that lasted several years in a totally humid environment before I finally got tired of it and scraped it off.


Ooh, sounds good!

Would be great for those votive candle holder things.


That would be **reall**y sharp! :slight_smile: