Stainless Steel (Black) Hip Flask - First Run

Hello Everyone,

New to the community (5days) and having a blast, wanted to share my first run at the coated Stainless Steel hip flasks I did using the Macbook Pro (preset).

Initially I was not sure the engraving would turn out all that well, due to the curvature of the hip flask. However after giving it a slight wash I have to say I am pretty happy with the overall results.

Hope to keep posting as thing


That is a beautiful result!


Thank you, so impressed :blush:

Wow, impressive!

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nice. I like those flasks. easy gift making

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absolutely, and I believe they do come in other colour options to mix it up.

I gave out a few red ones last year. fun stuff

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Very professional looking.

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Very nice job on that!

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Thank you everyone, have another 1st for me coming up.

What settings did you use for this?

Speed - 300
Pew - 100
LPI - 340

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Those look awesome! Can you share the link to where you got the Flasks?

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Sorry for the late reply…picked them up from Amazon
8 oz Stainless Steel Black Hip Flask Set Leakproof Flask with Free Bonus Funnel Great Groommans or Bridal Wedding Gift, Set of 4: Home & Kitchen