Stainless steel

Hi Hello, I needed a job done on stainless steel and people told me it couldn’t be done on a laser machine because it was a reflective material…
Is it possible on the glow forge? Or is it too dangerous?


Depends what the job is. If it’s engraving or cutting, I think the answer is: definitely not. If it’s permanently marking, you’re in luck! You can use CerMark™.


You mean you need to cut / engrave SS? If so, no, co2 lasers like GF do not cut or engrave metal.

You can mark it with…darn, beaten by thomas! lol


No but much more powerful CO2 lasers can cut metal.

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Stainless steel is cut on lasers all the time. But they are usually 1000 watt up to 5000 watt industrial lasers. You would have to have your local sheet metal laser shop quote the job.


Really? Didn’t know that…thought it needed a different wavelength, like the ones produced by fiber lasers

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which is a bit pricey - search the forum for cermark. I remember there were lots of suggestions for less expensive alternatives. Good Luck!

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You’ll find unbiased comparisons online. May I recommend you research before you buy one of the competitors.

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I once had some aluminum parts cut for me and the shop I went to has a CO2 laser they use for cutting steel.

The owner told me he could not cut the aluminum on the laser because the laser reflects off the shiny aluminum back into itself and destroys the optics. He said he could cut the material IF it has some other coating on it, like paint, that would keep it from reflecting but since they get metal direct from the mill, they didnt have anything like that handy.

Most steels have anti-corrosion coatings or mill scale that will not reflect a laser the same way.