Stair rail lighting project

A bit of history. We completed a big remodel on our house 2 years back. I always wanted to light the stairs from under the hand rail with this led strip lighting I found. Over the last 2years I’ve tried to do this on the cheap, progressively spending probably way too much money trying to find off the shelf methods of installing this strip lighting in a solid way.

As with everyone else I have been stuck in the house this weekend and wanted to see what I could do with these newly released tools in the glowforge app.

This is what I came up with after measuring my lighting and the mounting space on the rails.

Took a bit of thought and a bit of combining of shapes with the outline tool but they came out pretty good on the first try after 30 or so minutes of careful measuring and use of the precision input tools to size everything.

Having verified my design I took another 30 minutes to convert a sheet of proofgrade maple hardwood into 60 of them. Followed closely by an hour of weeding and assembly.

Another 45 minutes of installation on three flights of stairs later and we get this…

I’ve definitely spent more than 3 hours trying to make this work with off the shelf parts over the years. (And likely way more than the cost of a single sheet of proofgrade and some screws) Definitely going to investigate the custom built bracket route next time I have a problem like this.


Very cool.

I’ve been working on an overhead lighting project for quite some time (it’s not urgent!) and this has given me a great idea! Thanks!


You might be interested in how we lit all our rooms.

I just cut a groove in the back of some moulding and set it down from the ceiling. Then ran the same led lighting we have in the stairs in the slot.


Great project!

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That’s pretty much what I’ve been shooting for, but the individual LEDs on the strips could be seen thru the molding (it’s a lightweight foam-like material) even after painting. I need it supported and angled so that they only shine up.

I have 1st-gen Philips Hue controllers with cheap 3-color LED strips and power supply/repeater (it’s about 175’) so it emulates sunset colors and such automatically, or “mood” lighting on-demand, thru Alexa. :slight_smile: I had it so in the morning, the short-term weather forecast is indicated by color as well, but that broke with some ittt upgrade a while back. I guess I have time to work on it!


Very cool we considered doing colored lighting like that in our master but we’re not happy with the rgb ones we got so just did white for now.

You can use any RGB strip (i.e. something you like) with the right “gadgets”, if you’re handy with a soldering iron. Hit me up by DM if you want to discuss…

NIce job and great inspiration! I will discuss this with the boss. Could be a great fit in our house!

Lighted stairs are the greatest! Nice job!

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