Stair riser art

I’ve lived in my house for 20 years and for 20 years I have had bland ol’ stairs. For a long time I’ve toyed with various ideas to dress them up and since I work primarily in fused glass, that’s what I longed to use for the stair risers. However, the prospect of foot traffic and heavy appliances potentially cracking any glass art that I put on those risers dimmed my hopes. Then came my GF Pyretta and this concept came to me! I used alcohol inks on photo paper to achieve this look which is nod to the gorgeous sugar maple right outside this front door.

This used to be a relatively dim area, but is really bright now! Next project is the lower stairs which are really dark.


My mom just sent me a FB link to a bunch of cool stairs. Yours are awesome.

Mine have carpet. I’m trying not to let myself contemplate ripping it off to do something like this.



:smiley: resistance is futile!

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Thank you!

That’s inspiring! :grinning:

Please tell us more about the alcohol inks on photo paper! With fall quickly approaching I can think of all sorts of leaf projects. What a wonderfully creative and beautiful project.

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Alcohol inks are really easy and fun to use, just make sure whatever paper you use is acid-free such as photo printer paper. There are Facebook groups dedicated to alcohol inks that have been very useful for learning. I struck out in my own direction by using my Glowforge! I started with a color palette of reds dripped on a sheet of photo paper which I then cut with the GF using the below .svg file. I copied and pasted the image multiple times to get as many leaves as possible out of the sheet.

Hope this helps!