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I did a search and couldn’t find the post where this was directly addressed, but I remember seeing a photo of what I am asking about. I did a test stamp with PG thick acrylic and after it was cut out, it left a ridge on each side that will show up when using it. Is the only way to avoid that is to make the engraved part a gradient?

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I had a similar issue - I think the solution may be to cut it out first, and then engrave - or lower the power on the cutting since its still expecting 1/4" of acrylic, but you’ve engraved away 1/4-1/2 of that.


What I’ve done with most of my stamps that have a deep relief around them instead of the gray scale one I make the cut around the stamp like 0.010" smaller than the engraved area and it should cut away that crispy edge. but a picture would be appreciated to see exactly whats going on, i think we are talking the same thing but never 100% sure heh


Using the outline button and making the offset a negative number should get you a cut line that is within the engraved area, I’d think.


All great ideas and tips…thank you!


Here are some im going to try to turn to dust under the clicker press tomorrow :slight_smile:

for scale they are 2" across

Another thing that can help is in between passes vacuum off as much of the re deposited acrylic white debris as you can. I do higher lpi passes at lower power to try and avoid that stuff from getting fused in crevasse of the stamp which can cause that sharp edge but usually on the lower cut edge when it was on the bed.


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