Stand alone Operation

Are there any plans for Glowforge to get a standalone mode, which is not reliant on the external internet source to run the app or to configure drawings, and ensuing prints?

I have had my GF for a bout a month and noticed this as a blaring issue. What happens if we have no internet or access to the online app? Why not create a standalone app that would reduce the cost for premium libraries and the subscription based model. Many creators may not be too enthused about these additional costs once they get deeper into using their machines, only to notice that even with a GF Pro we are still restricted and any loss of subscription then all of your previous prints would disappear like the wind. This model definitely needs an upgrade in thinking.

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Not that they’ve announced, so “no”. It’s a bit of a dead horse at this point, you’re not the only one who wishes this were an option… it’s come up a lot over the years.


Nope - the whole idea behind the :glowforge: is that they can constantly update it so it’s a better machine today then when I bought it 3 years ago. It’s the Tesla of laser printers :smiley:

BTW, your prints only disappear from the UI. If you uploaded them then you have them on your computer already, and you can always export your final version if you’re afraid you’re not going to use it for a while (and therefore let it get archived). Once you’ve been using it a little longer you’ll find yourself deleting stuff manually from the GFUI because even with search it gets unwieldy after a while.


You are under no obligation to maintain a subscription, the UI will always be free. The sub is only for the premium options that add some functionality to the UI. It makes it a bit easier for those who don’t use proper design software like AI or Inkscape.
Some see connectivity as a restriction, others appreciate the evolution that it enables. Not only is the app always up to date, but additional features are added periodically.


The short answer that you have already received is no. The fact that the Glowforge is internet based is one of its main features, not a “blaring issue”.


Thank you all for your comments. This may not be a blaring issue for some but I do use design software, backup my files personally, and keep them separated for various projects. I do think a stand alone op would be great selling point for this device, and while I appreciate approach the Tesla/Apple like comparison, it is a bit of a turnoff that it requires additional steps that are outside of the creators purview for the reasons I stated before. Its still fresh so let me see exactly how it goes after more usage and familiarity with the device and workflow as I progress.


I guess I knew that going in. Kind of like buying my truck, yea it’d be nice if it had a longer bed, but Ram didn’t design it to be longer. If I wanted a longer one, I could have bought a longer one. There are plenty of laser cutters / engravers out there that don’t rely on internet connectivity, perhaps you should invest in one of those if you wanted something different?


I have been considering that.

I suspect you’ll find that it’s not as bad as you think in the ling run. There are upsides to the way they’re doing it.

As for finding a different cutter that works that way… I think you’ll discover that getting the same functionality in an offline package will be difficult and likely far more expensive. I’ve got my fair share of criticisms of the Glowforge but for what I do it’s still the best machine out there.

That being said, if you do find a good competitor please do a quick search of the forum and if you don’t see anything about it I’m sure I’m not the only one who’d like to hear about it. Laser news is always of interest to me.


I think GF has been very transparent in that it requires an internet connection. I knew that going in, weighed the pros and cons and bought it. I’ve had ‘some’ difficulty but not as much as i expected. It’s not a machine i move around so having a good signal is needed in placing it. I appreciate the connectivity as i’m not good about updating things relying on me to update. And, we do get consistent updated features.


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