Stand for Engraved Tile (made for 6" wide tile at 3-6 inches in height)


So what do you do when you’ve taken your first step engraving tile, and you decide that the tiles will make great gifts? You design and build a display stand and cut in on left-over draftboard.

(and I’m making several of these as well as other wooden plaques with the Musician’s Prayer for our Choir Director, Pianist, and Organist as gifts to be presented at our end of year gathering in just over a week…)

(Yes, I know there is a typo - I left out the “Y” in Worthy. (It’s already reprinted, but I need to re-ink it)…

Stand, front side:

Stand, Back Side (extra brace for stability):

Stand, parts, pre-assembly:

And then you discover, after it’s cutting, that nope, that wasn’t your draftboard, it was your PG maple plywood. OOPS, Because you are certain it will require a few tweaks, to get right, to deal with kerf, etc.

So you attempt to put it together and… It’s perfect. Even though you used Draftboard settings with Maple Plywood. Whew! (So you print a bunch more of them!)

And of course, the after you are so pleased, you discover a typo in the tile… (left out the “Y” in worthy) - which means the tile itself is just a draft… so you reprint (and eventually repaint) the tile.

Since the re-painting isn’t done yet, the picture of the TILE is the one with the known mistake - but I’m still quite pleased with the tile and Sharpie Ink Marker results. (The final version will have a better consistency…)

Anyway, see the photo of the display stand in action, then empty, and finally, with parts. SVG is attached as well.
6 inch tile stand (2.1 KB)


Nice stand! (And tile is cheap.) :wink:


Like 15 cents cheap! After the first one turned out so well, I bought 30 more at home depot yesterday, plus a 12x12 square and a 6 x 18 that looks like wood for $5.84

Can’t beat that, eh?


That’s a really nice stand and a really nice quote—thank you so much!


Lovely work! Thank you for sharing your file!


Looks good and thank you for sharing! Has anyone etched the white tiles with the black top on them? Philip is having issues cutting all the way through as he is wanting to get to the white underneath.


I believe you should search on “Laser Tile” - several folks here have used them and seem to be very pleased, but that may be for the white that engraves to black.


And here is the corrected original tile…

And the one that I made for our piano accompanist.

Now, (this coming week) I just have to figure out what variation to make for our organist… and fix a smudge I now see in the picture… but that’s easy enough to do.


Oh, I like the piano one…my sister’s into that. :grinning: