Star Trek Bookcase - My most ambitious project yet

LOL – he now works for fedex…
Space force put him out of a job.


Oh my, poor Scottie! :joy:

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@evansd2 was right again, it aborted halfway thru :frowning:
I will see what I can salvage.


Like the machine just failed?

That wasn’t my prediction at all, what exactly went down?

it went, brrrr BRRRRRRR BRUUUUUUUUU and went home… and the screen said “You created something wonderful”

I’d probably ask support, that shouldn’t happen. Bummer.

i was pushing the GF to the edge… my own doing

We love edge cases! Definitely let support know. We track both occurrence and frequency of rare and unusual behavior to help order our work in solving them.


WOW - thanks boss… have at it!

Trek (274.8 KB)

Thank you! Do you mind throwing it over in Problems & Support? You can link back to this thread for context. That will automatically open a ticket so the right folks get it routed to them!

I was expecting a billion nodes, but I see you reduced that down a bunch - that’s smart. I’m surprised it gave you trouble, actually.

Three thoughts:

  • You can test this on paper with the paper preset (and shrunk down) to see if that works, without using expensive material
  • You can rasterize it to a bitmap and use scatter or pattern for different effects
  • You can score all the lines on top of the engraving for a different effect

Cool project!


I think it was how many layers it was, not that it was a complex image, that killed the job… I manually set each layer with a random speed and power to get an uneven random / Human feel to it.

well… THIS is what I got – first My 92 layer version (incomplete)

there is a lot more depth and character to this one, the background is a lot deeper and richer.
but I have some minor scorching around the enterprise.

The second one is more homogenized, all shades of gray, I had to add some scoring to make it even slightly “punchy”

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Tbh that’s just a matter of how you process your greyscale image.

You can absolutely get punchy effects with vary power, it all comes down to your image prep — dynamic range and contrast are key.

Of course a score effect on top of that opens up other possibilities but I’d say with proper image prep you can get 99% of the effect with one single rasterized engrave.

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would you speak more about this (i can’t think of the word) expound <?>

tell me more about what you mean by prep… the GF has 4 settings / power / speed / vary power / DPI - how would I prep the image to give me that 99%?


There’s no one answer, no easy shortcut. Basically it’s all about the editing principles we talked about when we fooled around with editing your dragon image.

Lots of discussion about image preparation is out there, I collected a few good links here, in #9:

I can’t say it much better than those excellent posts, I definitely recommend studying all their great advice.


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