Star Trek isolinear chips



I grew up in Star Trek TNG, so these might be one of my first projects on the GlowForge:


I like! Must have a lighted base. It would also be great if the bottom edge could have a USB drive mounted to it so they are functional data cards.


Or sd/micro-sd in a tiny etched pocket. I bet I could deconstruct the top of an arduino-style SD shield so you could actually plug a card in. Or maybe even a reader.


I love this I hate the new trek timeline


I think the memory card idea is the most doable, though I think the right USB drive could be disassembled to be added in. They are getting really small lately.


Some USB devices are just a thick circuit board with stuff on them.


Micro sd cards come with these micro sd to usb adapters and they are no bigger than my thumbnail. There doesn’t appear that there’s any space for a controller, looks like it’s just matching pins.

Could easily have a micro sd in a usb adapter and tuck that between some plexi.


Super cool.
I am going to make some Dungeon and Dragons spell cards like this.


Ohh! I can’t wait to see those! I love D&D and other RPGs :smiley:


I will make you a set.
We get our Epilog on the 22nd.


Did you get the Epilog last summer?