Star Trek TNG Ship Plaque

My wife plays a ST:TNG based RPG and she has her own ship (naturally, she’s the captain :smile:). As a Christmas gift for a friend she created a dedication plaque. She made sure to research the canon to have the format and content correct (of course). She already has a 6’x3’ cross-section poster of her ship as well. :laughing:

Pictures are after the initial print and then after spray painting. Her friend was ecstatic with the final result!


Perfect gift for an avid fan!


Looks official. Well done.


This would look great in Brass etched with Ferric Chloride.
Take a brass plate, Rub with scotchbrite 00, paint with Krylon Maxx Matte black.
Use the laser remove areas of the Krylon you want to be recessed (Black) 2 passes probably for best results. Lighty buff the etch with scotchbrite 00. Etch with Ferric Chloride. Use acetone to remove the paint resist. Spray a light coat of black again and squeegie off the excess. Let dry and Sand off the excess paint with 400-800 sandpaper on a flat sanding block.


Super cool, man. Did they give Niven an official nod in Trek canon that I missed, or did she just use the name because she’s a fan?

I have to agree that this is the project that merits learning how to etch metal!

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Looks awesome!

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I’m not sure how the name got picked, they’ve been playing it for a while.

@GrooveStranger - we started playing a published scenario that had the PCs on the USS Niwen. We found it awkward to say, so it became “Niven” to us. :smile: Took some liberties as the original published adventure was written for TOS era when we wanted to play TNG era. Ship was originally a Chandley class, but ours is a Nebula.

…and this is probably WAAY more info than you actually wanted. :sweat_smile:

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This looks great!

For quite a while I’ve been thinking of doing something similar for a Firefly class ship.

I’ve read some great things about the ST:TNG RPG. I may have to dive into it.


Very nice! :grinning:

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