Star Wars Aztec Calendar

I’ve made a couple of smaller versions but can’t find the posts to add on to.

This is the first one I’ve made as a gift (for my daughter.)

1/4 Poplar, ~5.5" diameter. Silver leaf R&B.


I made this one for, um, my ex-wifes husband


The first one is about 9 inches across, this one only 3.5.


The original, if you want to throw the artist some change.


I made one as a gift, and engraved credit to him and his site/instagram on the back.

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Just curious, how’d you get the R&B so perfectly out of the engraved areas? Did you engrave after applying the R&B?

I didn’t. Just wiped and buffed across the surface after engraving. I use a cotton rag.

You use very little of it, I recently applied to a couple of acrylic jewelry pieces by only using the same cloth as used above - no more R&B was required.