Star Wars Aztec Calendar

I’ve made a couple of smaller versions but can’t find the posts to add on to.

This is the first one I’ve made as a gift (for my daughter.)

1/4 Poplar, ~5.5" diameter. Silver leaf R&B.


I made this one for, um, my ex-wifes husband


The first one is about 9 inches across, this one only 3.5.


The original, if you want to throw the artist some change.


I made one as a gift, and engraved credit to him and his site/instagram on the back.


Just curious, how’d you get the R&B so perfectly out of the engraved areas? Did you engrave after applying the R&B?

I didn’t. Just wiped and buffed across the surface after engraving. I use a cotton rag.

You use very little of it, I recently applied to a couple of acrylic jewelry pieces by only using the same cloth as used above - no more R&B was required.

Stupid question - what is R&B being referred to here? I did a quick search, and I don’t see it spelled out anywhere. I am just reading lots of posts in preparation for my unit to arrive in February.

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R& B is probably Rub and Buff.

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This is awesome! Is there someplace this file is available, for sale or free? I have a few family members who would absolutely love it.

The link is in the thread above.



Love the slate. Did you consider hitting it with shellac first? And where did you get a round piece of slate?

i get my slate from jpplus this one is dull my others come shellaced I believe cause they are shiney

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