Star Wars Ornament

Here goes my first post showing my first project (I’m not counting the GF Ruler from the tutorial).

I am an avid Star Wars fan and I wanted to create a meaningful keepsake to commemorate Carrie and Kenny - who both passed away in 2016. This picture shows my progression from concept sketch to final design.

As you can see, I started pretty basic as I was learning what each of the settings would do. I thought the silhouettes were going to tell the story for me, but my wife suggested the I push the design a little further.

I experimented with a 3D engrave on the figures, but the results were a bit harsh. I switched to a photo engrave and got much better results. I needed (and still need) to tweak the photo to get a proper level of contrast.

The final design on the right took just over an hour. The outer edge engraving was most of that time. For my production offering, I think I may paint the outer edge in “Rebel Orange” instead of burning with the laser.

My technique: I scored the shape around the figures and cut the inner negative space as the first process. Then, I carefully removed the film from the figures to expose the surface for the photo engraving. Then, I ran the rest of the job. This minimized the amount of “over burn” that would have resulted from engraving first, and cutting afterwards.

So, there it is.

Thanks for reading.


Beautiful tribute! :slightly_smiling_face:

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Exceptional first project!

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I love this! Any chance you’d be willing to share or sell the plans?

This is awesome!

Wonderful idea, and you did a stellar job!

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Stunning! I’m inspired by your process from idea to tailored creation. What a wonderful commemoration.

This is so sweet!