Star Wars Rebel Denim Jacket

I found this Levi’s denim jacket at my Kroger grocery store on clearance. I’ve seen other folks use their Glowforge to personalize their clothing, so I thought I’d give it a shot.

I used a embroidery hoop to stretch the fabric, and just folded it into a small enough shape to fit inside the forge with the crumb tray removed. I folded and unfolded it about 8 times before I came up with an orientation that was flat and thin enough to allow the laser to function.

The settings I used were 1000 speed, 9 power and 275 lpi.

I’m extremely happy with the results! I’m planning on doing the sleeves next


That turned out great!


This makes me happy. So cool.


Oooooo… :thinking: :bulb:

(That MIGHT be another option for my cloth paint idea…)

Must… Go… Experiment…


Looks great, thanks for sharing the settings.


Very cool - but wait, hang on, your Kroger has clothes?!? That’s a new one for me!

That looks fabulous. I’ll be curious how much faster the engraved denim wears away - also @linefeed’s comment about cloth paint makes me wonder how it would look to do a splash of paint across something and then engrave through that…certainly stronger.
SO many projects on the idea list. SO so many.


Our Kroger has a clothing department, with name brand stuff like Carhartt and Levi’s. This one is like a department store. It even had a very large jewelry department, which closed soon after the pandemic.

I used very low power to keep the fabric strong. I held it up to light after engraving and there was no appreciable difference. Time will tell. Paint is a good idea, but not quite the look I was going for.


A good thing to do, before (or even afer engraving) is to iron some fusible on the inside of the fabric in order to keep it from fraying. I did some jeans for my dad and he liked them, but they will definitely fray over time and the fusible will help.


Looks good

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