Star Wars = Star Trek

It is not. I was at an event at Disney World and we had some special guests. Totally forgot that that was my profile pic here. :slight_smile:

My suggestion is to not overthink things. These are cult classics for a reason. The later movies are less cheesy and may make more sense to you, but the early ones are where you just fall in love with the notion of it all. [Which reminds me that I just tried to explain the plot of Rocky Horror Picture Show to my daughter and she was like, “I don’t get it. That makes no sense.” ]


The Empire Strikes Back. :rofl: Remember, when these movies first came out, a lot of the technology wasn’t nearly as good as the graphics and stuff they do now. We fell more in love with the characters than the plot. :grin:


Except the plots were decent too. It’s all whizz bang, CGI, and FX!! and rarely any substance to back any of it. Acting, plot, or characters being played. All pretty much flat these days.


There are no new plots, just new versions of them :slight_smile: It was VERY cool for its time despite the acting. It’s been great seeing them grow into SUCH better ones over the decades. Far too many are in one big thing and then disappear not giving them a chance to be better than their 20 year old selves.

I do like that we’ve come full circle back to using puppet and models instead of all CGI though


It was good! now onto Return of the Jedi.

I am just letting Disney lead the way lol.

Btw, I made a matching skirt and shorts for the cape. Personally, I made the stuff because I loveeeeee irony. But the joke is starting to be on me lol.


I play goalie in ice hockey - I have both the Federation and the New Order symbols on my helmet - at one point a Referee commented (jokingly) that he couldn’t let my team win the game because that was affront.

You are among a laaaaaarge company :slight_smile:


Joseph Campbell is a large part of the reason why.


You swapped them. Joseph Campbell influenced Star Wars. Star Trek actually had very little Hero’s Journey early on.

That said, although he put it in writing, Joseph Campbell hardly originated the hero’s journey. It’s an extremely old story pathway.

There is a great deal more to Joseph Campbell than that. Tracking pathways of culture was his focus. A lot more than just that part and a unique outlook on it. His lectures are still available…

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There is a great deal more to Joseph Campbell than that. Tracking pathways of culture. One of his more interesting observations is a gradient of individualism from the Vikings in the west, where your individual personality was the most important thing, and standing out highly valued to the Chinese where death and rebirth was kind of like a laundry where your individuality was a stain that needed to be washed away and a strong personality a bad thing to be avoided. With less extreme variations spread out in between. Not definitive but a rough generality that is tied to the myths.

I’ve studied Joseph Campbell. I was just focusing on the Star Wars/Star Trek reference.


Fortunately my son is (like his parents) weird enough he didn’t ask.