Star Wars - The Last Jedi Trailer!


Gotta show it! Holy crap it looks amazing!!! Can I buy my tickets yet?




Only eight months. How hard could that be :rage:


Is this the fake one?


Didn’t the fake one have jar jar added?


This is not the fake one. This was released at Star Wars Celebration in Orlando this morning.


I don’t think so. At least no one mentioned it. They just said that there was a trailer that had been released that they couldn’t believe was fake.


That was a couple of months ago. It spliced footage from the older movies and the plot seemed plausible, but it was definitely fan-made… just a really, really high quality job.


Yes. I love where this is going!


I thought it was already released?


So we’re pretty sure they’re talking about the gray now right?


Guess I will just put this in here. THOR!


Thor looks amazing too!


Well, there goes the theory about the title referring to past jedi orders(and that Snooke may belonged to one of them).


So cool!


Yes he does! :wink:


Well, I heard that Luke was called in out of retirement to be the new VP of brand management. He suggested that they ditch the “jedi” moniker for something a bit more modern and less associated with the wholesale failure of the order to prevent the absolute catastrophe that Palpatine and Vader made of things.

The movie revovles around focus groups and AB testing in different parts of the galaxy. The culmination of the movie is the rollout of the new brand name and associated logo at the Coruscant Biennal Tradeshow and Marketing Extravaganza. I don’t have the specs of the full logo. It’s a pretty tight secret, but here are the colors and text and the new name. Interesting that they dropped the article and the noun and just went all adjective with it.


I beg to differ. I think they realized they’ve been fighting on the wrong side forever. If you put it into perspective with our own Civil War, the parallels are striking and it’s obvious that the Empire is the Union and the Rebels are, well, the rebels.

  • Empire = United States in union

  • Emperor Palpatine = Lincoln, just trying to hold the Union together

  • Vader = General Sherman a la “march to the sea” ending the rebellion’s capacity for strategic, economic and psychological ability to continue to wage the war

  • Grand Army of the Republic = Lincoln’s Grand Army of the Republic

  • Dark Side of the Force = the industrialization of the North

  • Slavery = Slavery (btw, Anakin aka Darth Vader’s mother was a slave and freeing her propelled him to his move to the Empire’s defense)

  • New Republic = separatist South

  • Yoda = Jefferson Davis, trying to wrest control of a duly elected and sitting congress with a breakaway faction intent on disregarding the valid election of their representatives and instituting revolution

  • Obi Wan Kenobi = Gen Robert E Lee fighting for his home state and not the Union he was sworn to protect (as a graduate of West Point and General in the US Army)

  • Luke Skywalker - Genrals Longstreet, Pickett and/or J.E.B. Stuart leading insane charges against overwhelming force, sometimes prevailing but always at the cost of significant loss of life within their commands

  • “Good” side of the Force = the agrarian and slow-paced “way it was” in the old days nature of the gentlemanly South


In Comic Sans? :laughing:


I haven’t been watching the trailers, I just want to see the movie already! Almost as bad as waiting for the Glowforge :smile: