Star Wars tiles

@jazzmark, that could potentially bring unwanted attention from Copyright Infringement Lawyers constantly trolling the internet looking for trouble. I would advice against that.
Whoever might be interested can simply PM her directly.


Ah, good point. I didn’t think of that. Consider my request rescinded. :slight_smile:

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These look great!!

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As long as its not being resold, or used for profit the laws are pretty relaxed

I’m not a lawyer but I watched Boston Legal for 6 years.


I have learned that what you see in the news and TV in general is usually very far from the truth. They take a lot of artistic and entertainment liberties to make their programming appealing.


@Jobacca offered to send to anyone who asked.

I’d be happy to send along any svg that anyone is interested in. I did four more- B-Wing, A-Wing, Y-Wing, and Jedi ETA-2 interceptor :relaxed:

To answer several of the questions at the same time- I have a Plus and my settings were:
800/Full/convert to dots/LPI 340/1 pass. I colored them with either sharpies or with alcohol pens, whichever I had the right color in, and wiped them clean with a magic eraser. I have them hanging on the sides of an entryway from one room to another, six to a side (so far!). I’ve also been making them as gifts and might Etsy them shortly. Anyone else that would like the svgs, feel free to PM me. I’ve sent it out to those who have requested them so far. Thanks for the encouragement, it’s a lot of fun. :slight_smile:

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Oh, I love those! I’ll have to make myself some! How’d you color them though?

I’ll pm you. :slight_smile:

That is WHY I stated it that way…

YMMV on my advice.


I think with some modification to work on water. This could make a very nice yacht (for lakes and sheltered water)


Wouldn’t THAT be fun!!

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Would love to get a copy of the SVG files used for the Star Wars tiles - they look awesome.

It is against forum rules to ask for files. If someone wants to share a file it would be posted in the free laser designs catagory. In this specific case, I wouldn’t think anyone would be sharing a copyrighted design, there. Apparently the OP says you can PM them for the files.


@Jobacca _I’d love the files, if you’re still willing to share. My daughter-in-law loves Star Wars, and I’m thinking about Christmas presents!


Post 5 has the link.

They look awesome!

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I just got my glowforge and saw this. I would love if you can send me ALL of the the cleaned up blueprint files that you have. I would appreciate it. Did similar tile work using a Calvin and Hobbes picture. Also, how did you clean it up so well on Inkscape?

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Welcome to the forum.

This is a gentle reminder that asking for files is against forum rules. This poster offered them, but in general it is frowned on.

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and you can grab the 4"x12" bathroom tiles at Lowes… for lasering even bigger SW stuff :slight_smile: