Starry starry night

I read an article about a Korean artist who recreated famous paintings in a cup of coffee. The accompanying picture was Vincent Van Gogh’s starry Starry night. I thought it was clever so I recreated it in back painted clear acrylic. I sanded the back side of the acrylic to improve the paint adhesion, then cut out the pieces on the Glowforge using proofgrade settings. The piece is still laying on my work table and I have to glue it together. That will tighten up the kerf areas that might seem a little loose in the photo. Also, it looks flat in the picture but is glossy in real life. All in all it came out like I wanted and I had fun making it.
The picture is 30" in diameter.


Lovely! I like the technique! :grinning:

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Holy crap! All of those are different pieces!? Well done! Looks amazing. (I see no kerf issues. You’re probably the only one who ever will.)

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Oh wow! This is amazing! What a wonderful piece—it will be totally worth all that work. :smile:

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Wow … Very nice!

Yes. Those are all individual pieces. The nice thing about the Glowforge is that I was able to make replacement pieces that fit perfectly if I did not like a color or I lost one (or two)