Started on Christmas Gifts

I plan to give a lot of Glowforge created gifts this year. I plan to make one per evening this week so that I don’t get over whelmed or start falling behind.


I really like that twist on some great lyrics.
I imagine it will get a lot of grins.

For those who were not musically active in the early 80’s I present you with the Eurythmics.


ROFL! Great takeoff on the song! :smile:


That came out beautifully! Is that slate? Can I ask how you managed that level of contrast? I’ve gotten varying levels of contrast on slate, but nothing that looks quite that stunning.


Are you sure you don’t want to stress out and forget at least one person because you ran out of time!?!? Just kidding. I tend to procrastinate every year, and every year I say it’s the last, but maybe this year will be different with your inspiration!


That turned out great! Am I right in assuming that the handles are removable?


I agree. Of course the thickness of your material will vary but these are the settings I used.


Clever and well-executed.


In case any one is wondering. I bought the slate with the removable handles from They have a huge selection of laser engravable product at a great price.


thanks for posting your source and the info, this is gorgeous!


Wow. Really low power, huh. Interesting. I usually go higher power and higher LPI. Of course, could just be “better slate.”

Well maybe that explains it. They usually source excellent materials for laser use. I’ve used crap slate from Michael’s and gotten decent results. Maybe I should up my game. :wink:

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Beautiful turn out!

I bought slate placemats from Amazon. So-so on brightness of engrave. Didn’t unwrap the other 3 placemats and 4 coasters until months later. They had wrapped very poor quality pieces … With major chips (not in the the sealed wrap) and severe surface blemishes. Turned out pretty expensive for one placemat piece.


Did you preoil with mineral oil first or spray on some spare urethane? It has quite a sheen.

I didn’t treat it at all. Johnson Plastics obviously treats it with something since the underside is dull and not shiny at all.

The product page states - Slate products have been lab tested and meet FDA requirements for food safety.

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I think I’ll ask. It’s likely something like polyurethane because of the sheen & “food safe”.

I hesitate to do that though if I think someone will use it - knife scratches will show and not clean off with a simple oil wipe which a regular buyer would likely be okay doing. Telling them to spray poly on it might not fit with their thoughts of what’s safe for food contact.

oh jeesh! that is hilarious. great looking project too!