Starting a business.. HELP with NAICS #

Hello there, anybody here that could point me into the right direction. Just created an LLC in Texas, already got my EIN # from IRS. Now I am in the process of getting a resale tax ID and one of the requirements for the state of TX (and a few other I think) is to classify your business with a NAICS #. I will be selling my stuff online and it is pretty much stuff I can make with the glowforge (engraving, cutting plastic, wood, acrylic, etc). Anybody knows which NAICS # is the best for this kind of business? Thanks in advance!

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You will probably want to speak to a qualified business accountant before deciding. (There are likely tax implications for different business categories and they can help you choose the correct one to optimize this kind of business.)


The other option is to look it up by keywords. They have one for electronic seller, they have some for woodworking, there really isn’t one that fits perfectly. There are tax implications to certain fields, but mostly those have target audiences of over 18 years old. Usually you’ll know which ones because they will specifically question you on those when you are filing your form.

I have a few friends who are CPA’s and handle business accounting, I can ask them their process, but I’m going to assume it’s pretty much exactly what I do, which is narrowing down by keyword and trying to find the closest match (this is how I was taught when I got my tax prep license and took my accounting classes). FYI, I’m not a busines accountant, so this is by no means legal or financial advice :rofl:

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Thanks! I found that website as well… There is an option for engraving but metal. There is also one for manufacturing plastics but I guess that’s not what it is… so many options and none match 100% lol

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Yeah, I know the dilemma. Here is one for online shopping too. It comes up a lot when you search for Etsy NAICS:

454110 - Electronic Shopping and Mail-Order Houses,your%20NAICS%20code%20is%20454110.

Ohhh that is a good one!!! It is more “generic” because I want to offer tshirts too but it’s all online so I think that one might be the one!!!

Could be. I don’t sell all online, and I was making costumes for a while, so I think I used one under “artists, independent” keyword search. That one is pretty broad too. But I don’t think it will fit in the t-shirt stuff.

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Can you find me one for psychiatric prescribing and laser designs? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


So you can fill out the prescriptions using a Glowforge laser printer?

I’ve been using the EIN I got while living in WA for both my livelihood and my Etsy shop. I’m working on getting things set up for TX now that we’ve moved, but I didn’t have to do the NAICS thing in WA so I’m kinda stumped. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Probably. I found broom and mop manufacturing on there, gotta be something that combines pysch with lasers.


Fortunately my business partner does that sort of thing as I would be totally lost otherwise. She is also starting up an Internet based Notary business as that leans to her skills, and set up two LLCs so each gets a separate everything. That might be the way to have multiple businesses that each has a narrow spread.

Note: in such areas my actual knowledge is minuscule and barely worth more than an idea to explore yourself.

I’ve had to input a code every year on my taxes since I file as self-employed and they need to know what kind of business I have. But this year I needed to look it up again because I had to find what would fit for selling my handmade good here in California for my seller’s permit…which I never got to use because the market I wanted to sell at was closed to non-food vendors this entire season.


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