Stasher stash

I’ve become a fan of these reusable silicone bags: I’d been using ziplock bags for meal leftovers that are too flat to fit efficiently in a tupperware-style container, but these organize more nicely in the freezer drawer, and they generate less trash, too.

But ziplocks come in boxes that store neatly in a cupboard, and these don’t. Glowforge to the rescue!

I’ve been collecting the two sizes of bag that work best in my kitchen, so it’s a two-compartment stash. It’s open at the top with a slot on the bottom front, so you can pull out bags from the bottom and drop freshly cleaned ones in the top.

Just another creation, with a few mods: Wider finger joints for putting the acrylic divider in, and no finger joints for attaching the acrylic front piece. Instead, there are grooves engraved in the side pieces for lining up the front, and it’s glued in with CA. Partly that’s for a cleaner look, and partly it’s because that shaves just enough width off that it could fit into the material I had on hand. :sweat_smile:

(Alignment tip for when your material is really close to your cut size: score your intended cut line on something thin — I used card stock — then put the acrylic on top to line it up, and redo the same design as a cut line.)

I was going to make this from something less fancy than finished PG plywood, since it’s living in a cabinet and won’t get seen much but I managed to ruin the cheap unfinished ply I had sitting around. Now to wait for PG maple to get back in stock…


I love storage for storage solutions! Nice.


#eflyguy got me curious about sous vide cooking a while back and I bought some of those silicon pouches for that. They are great. That’s a good storage idea.


Invaluable for staying ahead of this type of thing. Great job.

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Very cool idea. I love these problem solver projects.