Steampunk Themed Box

Hello again,

I promised myself I would post more things I’ve made, but I’ve been busy, I am an Area Sales Manager for a beer distributor ( which I won’t say but it rhymes with “udweiser”) in the panhandle of Florida and have been deemed essential, so thankfully am still working full time. But anyway Ill stick with the Steampunk stuff for now, this is one of the steampunk boxes I’ve made, its a finger joint box that i got from Festi Box, with gears all over to make it look kind of like a lock box. Well It kind of is, the top center gears do function and have small wood pieces that can hold the lid shut and can only open if you know to turn the gears.

Anyway here you go…

(upload://yxvlMZqxkWoccYFW4aZGOifIAIu.jpeg) NxTztPj8T0MgwCEIxtp6NEtXi.jpeg)


Good finishing, Very difficult to tell that it was even lasered. Nice work.


hey, you can’t just pull an old chest out of a sunken steamship and post it, that’s cheating.

Beautiful work.


Very nice! Love the steampunk theme. And you finished this one perfectly.


Really nice! How did you do the finish?


Mandating people to stay home and then deeming liquor non-essential is a recipe for riots, so no surprise you continued working.

That box came out awesome.
I was surprised that came from Festi Box. Been a long time since I wandered in there and it seems the selections have expanded.
Thanks for the reminder that boxes can be a fun rabbit hole.

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Your steampunking techniques are great!

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We like gears in these parts! Really an incredible box!

incredible finish

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I love how this turned out! The details are amazing!

Simply amazing

Yeah, the finish work that went into this is definitely next level. I had to zoom in to tell that the large gears were stacked pieces.

Do you have the link to the site, in my searches I could not fine it.

I only have an Etsy page if that is what you are asking about? Im not sure if I can post it here, if not sorry won’t do it again.

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Store links are fine – we like knowing where to find the good stuff! :slight_smile:

The box is amazing! “More gears” is definitely on my todo list.

@trisha_cook70, just a gentle reminder that this forum is G-rated.

I apologise I wasn’t thinking… I don’t know how to get back to it to take it down…

So impressive! I love the gears on the corners! Looks like a LOT of work. What program did you use to design it. It looks the the finger joint box was the easiest part!

It wasn’t to bad, the hardest part was the design. The finger joint box was from Festi Box, and I use Inkscape.