Steel Memorial Plaque

Hey all,

So it’s been a long time since I got my Glowforge going. Teaching math became a twice full-time job once the pandemic sent us all home. I had a coworker who wanted a memorial plaque for her dog that died a few years ago. She wanted it on steel. I told her that I was of course up for the challenge.

It started here:

I coated it with three coats of Dry Moly Lube, letting it dry for 20 minutes in between each one and engraved it:

Cleaned it up afterwards:

First attempt at something like this, and that was the first go. No second take needed I don’t think.


What did you do to clean it up?

it cleans up nice and easy with rubbing alcohol

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Ohmygosh, it came out fantastic! I didn’t know you could get such nice photo result with moly lube.


Nice results!


I think you’re right. That’s a great result with Dry Moly. Just super.


Beautiful job and a great tribute to his dog. :blush:


Inspired. you see so many posts where the stuff does not come out well, I have wanted to try but have not. Now I just need an equally important project.


Miss Abigail was adorable, and your work exceptional!


Very nice work! The image came out great!

That turned out great!

WOW! Most excellent.

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Fantastic job.

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This is beautiful! Great job! Two questions - sorry - where did you get the piece that you engraved on and how long did it take to engrave? Thank you!

Thanks all for the encouragement. She said it was gorgeous and was very happy with it.

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Her husband actually got the metal where he works. As far as how long it took, I went with a pretty high DPI, so it took a little over 2 hours to get it done. I only did one pass. I had a second one that I was going to repeat it with 2 passes and a slightly faster speed if it came out badly.

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