Stencil for roadside signs

A friend wanted to make a stencil at this local makerspace, but wasn’t sure when he’d have time, so through the magic of the internet, I took his design, turned it into a usable stencil, cut a test, spraypainted it onto some letter sized cardstock, and sent him the new art and sample photos.

All in about 45 mins. Gotta love the future! Also, go vote.


What did you cut the stencil in?

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I cut it out of cardstock, too. I just had it handy. Quick and dirty, he needs the art file asap, not much time before Nov 6.

That’s kind of a cool stencil font.

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Thanks, I handmade it. The original art was a standard typeface, I added the stenciling breaks on the characters with islands.


excellent message and execution, bet your friend was stoked.

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Remember, remember, the sixth of November.


Did you use cut or engrave? The edges always seem to char for me on paper products with actual cut

Cut. I may have had some overburn or char, but not much. It didn’t matter anyway, it’s a stencil and there’s some overspray.

Definitely fired up to vote NOW. :exploding_head:


Great, quick project!