Stencils for cappuccino and cocktails for local restaurant

Was having a drink and the barman was putting chocolate on a cocktail (it’s a Jewish restaurant) and he said “I wish I could put a design on it” so lo and behold, I asked for the sizes they needed and …

3mm ply and then coated with varnish to waterproof


Great idea, thought I wonder how foodsafe that will be over time.

Maybe next version in acrylic? Would be easy to align with the cups too.


Let us know how it works. I tried to make some for a coffee shop to add a design to the top of Espresso drinks with coco but it didn’t work out so great. Maybe I just tried with too much detail or didn’t have the proper distribution method of the coco. I should try again. I was using a thin acrylic.

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i’ve been thinking about doing some of this for the booze brands i work with, but likely in very thin acrylic or a waterproof mylar (if that exists?) to keep it foodsafe.

PETG? Comes in very thin but sturdy sheets and is the same stuff milk jugs are made of. Cuts nicely and easy to find at art/model supply shops.


or just acrylic. wood in food service is a hassle

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Not quite. Milk jugs are HDPE, which I think is meltier than PETG?


Ah yes, PETG is the clear stuff that giant bottles of cheesy poufs and bulk sized spices come in, thanks!

If you’re going for thinner and sturdy, I haven’t seen that in acrylic. It tends to be brittle and prone to snap under 1/8" in my experience.


well I don’t know how much stress those are going to experience. I just would avoid wood in food service unless it is a cutting board.

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Agree, wood troubling. Plastics used for food packaging safer.


i think it would be fine in an application like this. you’re unlikely to put much stress on it unless you’re being sloppy. and it’s cheap enough that you make several just in case.

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Those are fun. I will have to utilize your inspiration and make a surprise coffee for my wife.

my brain went there in about 1 second

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You are correct, HDPE. My kennels are constructed with large sheets of it and I have used shredded milk jugs melted down to fill screw holes. It absolutely will no cut on a laser. It just melts and flows back into the kerf.

Interesting about the screw holes. Can you then use screws in the holes. Sometimes I make the holes to big…

Very nice job I love these!

Yes, you are basically welding just like metal, only you are using plastic. I have a special welding gun made just for plastics.


I was wondering the same thing. I don’t think varnish is food safe but I could be wrong.

There are finishing oils for wood that are food grade.

Your sizes would probably work for cupcake designs.