Stencils for Cloth

My wife needs some custom lettering done like silk screening for costumes she is making for a production of “Into the woods”. I saw the guys from the King of Random do a show on a technique that should fit the bill. Here are some stencils cut into freezer paper.

Basic idea

  1. Cut your design with the freezer paper wax side down. (Don’t forget to leave tabs)
  2. Iron the stencil on to the fabric. The wax will melt and stick it but won’t bind permentaly.
  3. Peel the parts you want to cool or bleach away.
  4. Spray
  5. Peel the remaining mask. Don’t wait long Because fabric wicks almost every thing

Freezer Paper I used

Where I got the idea:
The King of Random

Settings: 300/30/1/.01
Thickness: 0.01
Speed: 300
Power: 30
passes: 1
(thank you to other posters who shared there paper settings I didn’t have to experiment )


I love doing freezer paper “screen printing” like that. Made 15 shirts for our family trip to Disney 5 years ago. But used a Cricut for the cutting. (No need for the tabs with that thing.) And I like that stencils with freezer paper aren’t like typical stencils… there CAN be “islands” that aren’t connected to the whole sheet. Just gotta keep up with them and get 'em in the right spot when you iron them on.

Nice work!


I’ve also used this (with my Silhouette or Cricut as well). I typically would use an acrylic paint (daubed on) and never had any problem with wicking. As long as the freezer paper is properly ironed down, it isn’t an issue.

I did have a question about the tabs. Since that design doesn’t seem to have any “islands,” are the tabs just to keep the cut outs from moving while cutting?

Very cool! It would be fun to see the final painted piece.

Basically yes. I started with no tabs but the final product was good looking but unmovable. I couldn’t move the sheet with out destroying it. I have looked at the circuit cutters a few times, what kind of input (like g code) do they take.

Its going to be the bottom half of a Victorian gown. I’ll post a picture when we paint it on the real thing.

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As promised some finished shots.

I scaled the letter up and broke it into two halves.


Oooh! Great results! :sunglasses::+1: