Sterling Silver Etching

Hi all.
Does anybody have any experience of engraving silver ? We are aware that you probably require a bonding spray such as laserbond 100 , but are interested to know if anybody has any settings that are tried and tested before the experimentation begins. Thanks in advance.

I did a quick search of the forum and found this post, maybe it will be helpful. >Here


Thank you for the link, most helpful.

Just in case it helps anybody. After doing some testing on some silver jewellery we had floating about we’ve had positive results with laserbond 100. Glowforge set to full power, speed 10-20 %, with text LPI set to round 500. Crisp results with complete unremovable bond.


I just had a neighbor ask me to engrave her daughter’s first communion pendant. It is sterling silver, she wants her name and her saints name, possibly the date. Does laserbond affect sterling silver negatively? any recommendations?