Steve Good scroll saw patterns

I again could not resist using a couple of Steve Good ( ) scroll saw paterns. I made my wife a clock to take with her on her quilting retreats and a seven layer shadowbox Easter egg. The clock was made from PG cherry ply and the egg was made from 1/8 Baltic Birch.

Steve puts up free daily files that are not difficult to switch to laser patterns. Please think about donating to his site as he does give great patterns and hints and tips.


Oh, I like the little Easter bunny pattern! That’s going in my Gkid’s Easter package so she can paint and assemble it. :slight_smile: Definitely worth a donation, too; done!

Thanks for the reminder about his website, I hadn’t visited in a while!


Fantastic, I use Steve Good patterns and very easy to cut & engrave. Yes please do donate to his web site. He takes donation through Pay Pal to make it easy.


I made a couple of the Easter egg layered thingies to send my grandkids as an Easter craft project. I added some score lines to make painting them more fun, and stuck an additional layer on the front (I just liked it better with the leaves back inside a little bit). They came out really cute!

Oh – the pattern says to use 1/4" plywood, but I used 1/8". It’s 7 layers deep (8 with my modification) so 1/4" would make it pretty thick.


your edits make it looks much better.


I like your adaptation.


These are great! Will have to check out his site!

I like your bunny!


You can get a DVD or USB with 10 years of files for $20. That’s cheaper than the time it will take you to download a bunch of them :slightly_smiling_face: and supports Steve. Scrollsaw patterns are perfectly usable for lasers.


Thank you! I saw that … I did order the DVD. :smile: Some nice designs!