Sticker paper over material

So if we are using our own materials, it would be advisable to lay a sticker paper over it? Would this affect the cut or engrave?

It depends on what you’re doing. When cutting wood, a sticker (or heck, even masking tape) can help prevent staining of the wood, mostly from the offgassing of the laser cutting through. If you’re going to be doing any painting or dark staining, it isn’t remotely necessary; even if you’re not, it can often be cleaned.

So while it’s helpful in same cases, it’s not at all necessary in all of them.

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Thanks. I’ve never used a laser but I’m anyways making things. Pretty excited to make and share things from this. I’m overseas so ordering their materials isn’t exactly efficient.

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I know what you mean; even though I’m just in Canada the shipping here is $$$$$$ so I probably won’t be able to order their materials, either.

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From Canada but over in Korea. So upset it can’t ship APO. hoping the filter can.

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I live in Canada and there are many reputable engraver supply companies here. Just do a google search on your area for engraver supply then search paper mask. The paper mask is extremely helpful in preventing smoke from staining your wood surface and the engravable paper mask should not leave any nasty adhesive behind. As jrnelson said most of the discoloration can be removed with a light sanding depending on how deep you are engraving. I hope this helps.


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From canada but over in korea. Hard to search things like that in korea

That blue painter’s tape sounds like a good option. It comes in larger widths, I think. Is it safe to assume that this tape doesn’t contain chemicals, like chlorine, that would be bad for the Glowforge?

There are companies that make the special tape. I think there is some that’s called transfer tape and it’s used when applying vinyl stickers. Basically you cut the vinyl sheet, peel away the unwanted pieces then put on the transfer tape. The transfer tape sticks to the vinyl then you apply the whole thing to whatever you want your sticker on. Then pull off the transfer tape and the vinyl stays behind. But anyway it will work it’s essentially masking tape but comes in 12 inch roles which is convenient.

The natural question that follows: how do we know that transfer tape doesn’t contain bad chemicals for laser applications?

Definitely good to know. Over here many things don’t have ingredients labelling

We talked about this in another thread ( can remember which one) and someone said they use it all the time. I’m pretty sure that it is the same as masking tape

I’ve been surfing sites discussing the adhesive paper layer that comes on acrylic sheets, and some of them warn that it produces dangerous gasses when laser cut and should be removed and replaced with laser-safe masking sheets. Others claim it is OK to leave it on.

I think if you buy it from a reputable website you should be able to ask them and get an MSDS sheet which will tell you what chemicals are in it


^This, exactly. <20char>

Poor Man’s Spectroscopy
If an unknown, pay attention to the flame color when a sample burns…
If a colored flame is exhibited, it has something in it that you should positively identify before feeding it to the laser.