Still Hot Cake Topper

I wanted to make something for my husband’s birthday that would make him laugh and embarrass the kids. I thought I’d share the number-less version here since it’s been a while since my last share. The file is all cuts. The blue is just inner cuts and the red outer cuts. I put two versions-one is all red in order for someone else to add numbers if they choose, just place your numbers where you want on the topper (after you converted the text to an object) and click union.

I was going to do a video on how to do that with the file with the inner cuts separated, but I’ll save that for another day. Instead, I just added both.

In the future, I think I’ll just cut it separate without a number, because after I cut it out, I realized I really didn’t like my number placement-it looked funny. So next time, I’ll have a topper with the number-maybe made of paper taped to a skewer :rofl: and then this one in front a bit lower.

Still Hot Cake Topper wo Numbers


Nice work on that custom topper. We need to be careful with those numbers, I had a nice piece of inch-thick Black Walnut and decided to scroll saw a thing for our 22nd anniversary, and didn’t think that all the way through. I did manage a cute little heart in the “Y”, but…

It looks a lot like an epitaph. “That’s it - I’ve had enough!”
(yes, I jacked up the zeros, but I recovered as best I could so hold your tongue) :grin:


Yeah, after the fact, i realized i was reading it as 4 and 2. Was funny in a way i didn’t intend. Husband says i mixed the numbers up anyways.

He rearranged his candles… I’m guessing he’s working with mental age.


Love it—thanks!


This is really cute, thanks for the share!


Love it! Thanks for the share. I actually think without the numbers is great, because then it’s reuseable for anyone. My husband’s 72nd birthday was last week. He said “I might be 72, but my mind says I’m 27 and my body says my mind is an idiot.” :rofl:


Tell him they are correct…the 4 is for his maturity level and the 2 is for his IQ. :wink:


Ouch. I imagine I’ll be the one to suffer the consequences of that comment-he might take me up on being a 4 year old…I can’t go back to that stage…I barely survived my kids…


It looks wonderful. I have to laugh at myself though. The subject of the post really threw me off. My first thought was that it was a piece warning people that the cake just came out of the oven and was ‘still hot’. Sort of like the tags for a dishwasher…clean or dirty. My family would relate to this with me particularly since I love cake still warm from the oven and would likely just eat some of it, no matter the temp. :grimacing: :grinning:


Haha! I thought that too!

Happy Birthday to @CMadok still-hot hubby!


Wait until they figure out what you two did that resulted in them :laughing: All you have to do is imply that you might still be doing that and they freak :scream:


Don’t know what you’re talking about :no_mouth: My kids know that my husband and I found them under a bridge while fighting trolls. :sweat_smile:


Wait until you catch one in a few years “looking for trolls” on the couch :wink: It’s enough to scar a mother for life. And you’ll have to train your husband to make loud clumping walking noises when walking around the house late at night when the kids friends are visiting.



Looks like it worked. Good job.

Reminds me of a time one of the grown kids walked in on the wife and I as we were doing some warm up smooching.
He was all flustered and staring. We looked at him, then continued.
Are you going to just keep on doing that? he asked.
We told him we were there first. He left. We laughed. Then got back to business.