Still no update


Hello everyone,

It feel sad to write again but no updates on shipping for international buyers. Just coming soon. Friends and family are just making joke of me and my purchase. Does not look like receiving in october.


I don’t even think the majority of US buyers will get it in October.


So the humiliation will continue.


This was the reply I got from glowforge on june 9.

Thanks for checking in.

We’re shipping Glowforge Basic production units already - yours will arrive between now and October 31st.

This is unbearable now. Please provide dates which you can match with shipping.


There was an update tonight, have you seen it?

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I know. It’s so frustrating. I invested for my non-profit to have one for our social enterprise. I am obsessed with beginning on this machine. It’s become a joke around the office. Like the boyfriend that doesn’t exist. “Yah sure you bought a laser cutter, and surreeee it will be in on time to begin Christmas items.” I want it so bad. I’ve never been so excited and sad at the same time. I want it so bad, that I think I wouldn’t take back my investment if I had to wait another year.


No way anyone will wait further. Not me certainly. Why international shipping is not going parallel with the US shipping, I do not understand.

I hope the next email about delivery projection is not 3 months or more.

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I received a letter of the updated status of this machine. TODAY is my birthday and now I have to check to see when I will get it (an estimate).

I think Glowforge should credit us $100 per month, for waiting. Instead of taking new orders or while taking new orders, they should use our referral link, and give us credit.

I am shocked! All of my friends are calling me stupid for waiting. They said oh no!!! Get your money and run!

“Fingers crossed and praying for the end of this month”!

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I think you’re already getting a 20 dollar a month credit which I think is pretty generous. By the time that most international orders ship that would be almost 300 dollars I believe.

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I prefer cash back. I thought the 20 credit is only to use in the store. I want cash back! Ok, what about 25 or $50 which I think is pretty generous.

I’ve waited two years… I have new friends and still no machine. I had to get rid of the other friends who laughed at me.



We don’t need no laughing friends … :smirk:


Go to Inventables, Johnson Plastics or Trotec’s materials store (websites) and see what finished laser materials cost. Take a look at what $150 gets you there too :slight_smile:

You might be able to do better from a raw price point from Amazon & somewhere like Woodcraft but then add masking & finishing supplies and time.

I use a fair amount of PG but still use the other sources as well. In the end GF tends to be fairly competitive. My biggest request would be for them to make Draftboard the same thickness as the PG Ply and hardwood - or make all of them the same thickness so something made for one material can be easily replaced with another material without needing design tweaks for slots, fingers, etc.


Add to that $150 pile the monthly credit + the Inventables credit, and that can turn into a nice fat stack pretty quickly.

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Hmmmm…I had exactly the opposite reaction when I got my box of ProofGrade – It was kind of – Wow! This is great! Pricing comparable materials elsewhere, with the masking etc., PG is a pretty good buy…

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Well now you’ve got me interested… Where are you sourcing your materials that they’re so much less expensive?

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