Still working on Glass

So I grabbed another piece of glass to work with. Dialing in on good settings for this. This time, I masked with detergent, and clean up was amazingly easy, though I did allow the glass to cool a little from the thermal stress before I got to cleaning it. I engraved the back so as to leave the eating surface unaltered.


That turned out great!

Very nice. Earlier this morning, I grabbed the dish detergent to remind me to do some more experiments with shot glasses later today. Wet paper towels sometimes worked. I’m hoping dish detergent will be more consistent.

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Cool! That turned out really nice!

You got some excellent contrast there!
What settings have you found work best so far?

That plate was 360/full.


Wow. I think we’ve got a bunch of those cheap glass plates in the basement.

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Focus can be tricky on plates, height and base, having to take out the honeycomb, etc. I was trying to do around the edge, but the graphic turned out to be too large.

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Wow, that’s a big difference! Did you just use straight liquid soap on it or mix it with water first?

(Love that effect!) :grinning::+1:

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Straight liquid soap, spread over the bottom of the plate.


amazing. can’t wait to try this

Have to keep them from drying out. Since there’s no pause feature for the GF longer engraves are an issue. Dishwashing soap takes a lot longer to dry out and it does wash off easily :slightly_smiling_face:


I just did my first shot glass with dish soap a few minutes ago. It looks like the engrave was inconsistent possibly because the dish soap was slightly thicker in a couple spots? I tried to spread it evenly with my finger. I’m about to give it another shot.

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I’ve read a spray of glass cleaner (insert any brand name ending in “index” here) does the same job. Might be a little more even. I dunno. Haven’t tried glass at all myself.

I don’t know what was up with that first attempt today. I now have 3 shot glasses with nice consistent engraves. I’ll start a new thread about them. Thanks for all the suggestions everyone!


?! We can engrave glass by using dishsoap?!!
That looks great

Dish soap to mask and thermally insulate the glass from excessive damage as it it being etched. I’m pondering trying lower power and slowing the laser to see those results.


Ha! See what you did there?


That one went whipping over my head so fast it created a breeze! :rofl:


It was an accident at first but then I left it once I realized.