Stitch mark for leather patch on adobe illustrator. Help?

Hi guys I’m struggling to get dashed stroke marks to come through correct on the Glowforge from an SVG on illustrator. I’m trying to cut out a leather patch with stitch holes already burned into the patch. Currently only the dashed lines show up on the corners and the rest of the dashes show as one full line in the glowforge. On Illustrator it shows all of the stitches perfectly. I’m sure it’s something I’m not doing correct, but I’m new to illustrator and could use some guidance… I appreciate any advice. Thanks!Logo%20SVG%20first%20attempt%20stitch%20pattern%20%5BRecovered%5D


Unfortunately design help is outside the scope of Problem’s and Support so I’m going to move this post to Everything Else.

That said, I can share a mini-tutorial for my own method of creating stitching holes in leather from another thread: The overnight bag of 1,000+ stitching holes

If you need to get into the corners using the method described in that post, you’ll need to slightly increase the length of two of the lines (parallel to each other) to have their ending holes in the corner, but I’ve found it to be effective enough for my own needs.


Thanks your awesome!

If you have access to a CAD system you can also do this as a linear pattern (i.e. make a small circle and then tell it to repeat horizontally with whatever spacing you want)

Hey @kryan223 …we actually have a tutorial for that and it’s super simple.
(@likeablejerk created it long ago.)


Wow this is my first time posting since receiving my Glowforge about a week ago. I’m stunned at how fast and how much support there is in this group. I can’t wait to start contributing. Thanks a bunch all.


That looks like an incredible design, hope you share the finished product here when it’s done! Glad the forum is working for you; feel free to ask as many questions as you’d like :grin:


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