Stocking Ornaments

I have people send me stuff all the time asking if I can make something like what they’ve seen somewhere - the latest is my sister. I guess I’ve been doing this long enough now that I forget what it’s like to not own a laser, which includes not understanding how something is made sometimes, including ornaments like these.

Pretty fun little project, a bit easier than the custom ornaments my cousin requested of me yesterday, but they’re family, so what’re you gonna do? :joy:

PS: I made these ones out of the thick walnut PG, and they were a sort of flimsy, my sister’s actually broke twice (oops) but luckily it broke while I still had it, and I stress tested the others to see how they would hold up. Probably going to switch to the medium PG for future ones, the MDF core seems to be sturdier.


My daughter in law has been asking for one of these. I just realized it is because her stocking is just an extra one with my son’s (her husband’s) name on it LOL


Yes, they ask, and we do. :slightly_smiling_face:


Nice idea

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So nice! I have found plywood definitely holds up better for designs with thin areas…


I see a little thing you’ve done with the “i” that’s ingenious, engraving the negative space. I’ve been trying to figure out what to do for a similar project and now I have the answer/solution.


It’s funny you mention that, because while I was making these (and the 5 more my sister made me make for her friend) I was glad I came up with this solution a while ago, and had considered how convenient it is not having to avoid doing words/names with an I or symbols. Great catch!

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I only ever use my thick wood with desk signs that I make, which have a very sturdy foundation, so it hadn’t even occured to me that a “solid core” ply would be flimsy at all, but I had noticed it with hardwood. Guess I hadn’t considered it enough, but the subsequent ones I did in the medium PG turned out great, and look nearly as good, so no more of the thick stuff for these types of projects!