Stocking Stuffer #3--personalized pick holders

I wanted to try a simple “first leather project” on the Glowforge so I made some personalized key ring pick holders for all my bandmates in The Swains (Seattle’s best country band). Easy peasy-- and very happy bandmates!

I added a hole so that the drummer’s version also holds a drum wrench.

The rings and snap findings and setting tool/anvil were from a kit I got at Michael’s art supply. I unraveled some heavy duty multi-strand waxed thread to lace it up with a double running stitch.

Pattern file if you want it.


Very thoughtful gifts! Yes, please do post the file to Free Laser Designs category, I’d love to see it.


That’s a cool and clever little thing to do & give. Don’t know if they exist in the commercial world but they should. I could see where any guitarist would love having a handy place to stash a few extra picks.


I’ve seen pick holder things like this before, so the idea is not original to me.

The next ones I make I think I’d add more personal info, phone number, etc. (like a luggage tag) and use bigger rings or bead chain so they would work on a guitar case handle, too.


this is so cool I’d like to make one for my cousin he plays in a band and travels a lot. I just dont see the file :frowning:

now sure why the sad face looks like a mad face lol I thing Glowforge needs to fix that lol

It looks sad to me :slightly_smiling_face:

There’s a separate set of angry faces :face_with_raised_eyebrow::persevere::tired_face::grimacing::rage::angry::face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

But it’s nothing GF does - it’s all in Discourse’s hands as to what emoticons look like.

Oh, BTW, to your original question I think you’ll need to send the OP a PM and ask for the file since he volunteered it but didn’t attach it. (You’re not supposed to ask if it’s not volunteered.)

Here’s the AI file so should be fully editable for your own names, graphics, etc.

Add a hole for a drum key if needed.

Let me know if you’d rather have the svg version.

pick pouch.3 (179.9 KB)


Thank you very much!

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What an incredibly unique and special gift! Hope to see The Swains rocking these around town.


What a very beautiful, thoughtful, and practical gift!
If my daughter sticks with her guitar lessons I’ll have to make her one of these! Plus it’ll give me an excuse to actually use leather!

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Shameless plug: The Swains will be rocking The Little Red Hen near Green Lake this coming New Year’s Eve! Wear your boots and dance, drink,and dine in Seattle’s best loved honky tonk. (and I’ll soon post another fun item (that I Swainitized) that could be easily modified by Glowforger’s for their holiday parties…stay tuned.)


Thank you! I am sure my cousin will love it :slight_smile: His band name is Teen Agers based in Orlando.

Ok, I admit … I haven’t used my leather yet. This might make me give it a try.
Wish we lived close enough to come to The Little Red Hen on New Year’s Eve!

I’m so excited to make one of these for my guitar teacher and for myself! Thanks for sharing!!!

Can I get the SVG version? I dont know why I cant get the zip file to work for me. Probably because Im not good with computers :grinning: and I usually make my husband do the tech stuff. Thanks

For Windows computers:
Once you have downloaded the zipped file to your desktop, right click on it and choose Extract All.
(That will create a new folder on your desktop with the same name and it will contain the SVG file.)

The reason that we have to zip them first is because the forum will sometimes mess up the files if they are not zipped first.

When I did this it keeps trying to open in windows and just shows me it in code. Do you by chance know how to get around that and have it open correctly?

Are you on a Mac computer or a Windows PC?

Windows. I finally was able to change it so it would open in a file veiwer that was supposed to unzip but now it wont let me save it as an svg only a pdf. Im giving up till my husband gets home tomorrow.:rofl: oh well I guess I have some things to learn. Thanks for trying to help me.