Stocking tags

Probably you all don’t have this problem. I’ve got a pretty big family that comes by for Christmas and they each have their own stocking (some have stuffed bears, some reindeers, etc.) and they all know which one belongs to them, but I can never remember when I get them out of the box. So I made tags that I’ll tie on them and they’ll get boxed up together. :slight_smile:

I made 10 of them and I even remembered to put different names on each. I tied them to the stocking straps with deerskin strap.

The stocking from thenounproject is by Nook Fulloption licensed CC-BY. The font is MTF Dear Santa and is licensed for free for non-commercial personal projects with specific restrictions (such as no vulgar use).


We’ve got a lot too, although not ten … great idea! :slightly_smiling_face:

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Very cute! And thanks for attributing your sources. I try to do that for images but often forget about the fonts.

oi. Our family is certainly growing. On my side of the family there are 11 people to buy for (including 2 nieces and 3 nephews), and on my wife’s side there are 12 (with no nieces or nephews, and only 2 of the siblings are married!)

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Great idea! Well executed!

We have personalized stockings for close family, but we’ve been getting cousins and such, so that looks like a great idea!