Stocks made for a company Christmas

Seeing as they had me make these stocks for them, I think it’s safe to say they don’t have a Glowforge or laser and won’t see them here. Kinda excited to share them. Hope you enjoy them as much as I do.


Looks great! Guess it’s been too long since I’ve used a rifle (we gave all our to our kids when we moved), but when it’s attached to the rest of the gun, won’t the design be upside down when in use or hung on the wall?


This is a Henry rifle, they make the stocks upside down on theres the way it’s designed to work.


Beat me to it…


I bet doing that first one was pretty tough.

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Well I’ve done others in the past so these weren’t hard.


These turned out great. My daughter wanted me to laser on her daughter’s gun they bought her but at that time, i was just too ‘gun shy’. I think I’d tackle it now!




Those stocks are gorgeous.

Could you make a custom stock for an AK?

Probably not. Would need to be wood and separate from the unit without a serial numbered part

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Eric purchased an AK several years back. I can not shoot the rifle because the stock is too long.

Eric came up with the idea —purchase an AK for me that has a wood stock and find someone to make me a custom one.

I would send them the wood stock so that everything matches up.

A few years back, I found someone in North Carolina he ended up being full of it.

I want a stock made from some gorgeous wood.

I just added the engraving to an existing one. I didn’t make the actual wood itself. Sorry if I didn’t interpret that right.

I was thinking “Wow Glowforge YouTuber during the day and a gunsmith side hustle on weekends.”

Nope lol. I have another job that takes up to much time for that lol

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Thanks. I should’ve known that! And @eflyguy, the pic really helps!

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