StockUnlimited Vector Graphics Deal

I didn’t see this using a search, so I thought I’d post. Deal Authority has a 94% savings on right now at $34.99. Lifetime subscription for unlimited downloads, and anything new they post. Saw some interesting stuff in there, so I thought I’d share.


That’s a pretty neat deal. Thanks for posting!

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I blame you!!! lol. I couldn’t resist, thank you lol. I just couldn’t pass up unlimited lifetime deals like this. I did the same thing for PLEX when it first came out. Can’t go wrong with it, you never know when it might come in handy. Up vote this share.

EDIT: I do not recommend this, there is an extended licensing for mech.


Money just keeps flying out the window this week. First a link to BF Plastics, then an order to Inventables, then Proofgrade, now this…ugh. Someone hide my virtual wallet.

Thank you!


Cool. Thanks!

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@jules they have a very pretty hedgie vector too.


Oooh! That is a nice one! :grinning:

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Just to make sure others noticed this (because I nearly didn’t). The instructions for redeeming your code includes this little bit at the very bottom:

NOTE: Your account will say 5 years but reach out to Stock Unlimited at the end of 5 years to extend your subscription

My account doesn’t appear to say it expires, but I’ve added a calendar reminder for 5 years from now with these instructions… just in case.


Hah. That’s the first thing I searched for when I looked at the site.


OUTstanding, thank you. They have a lot of good stuff.

Has anyone been able to find the details of the license? The deal is worth it for personal use alone I think, but I do want to sell some things.

Oh, wait, the deal page says this:

“Royalty-free content for commercial & personal use”


I am on this like stink on a monkey. Total sucker for lifetime deals.


Done! Sweet!!!


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looks like it says extended licensing for mech, does this mean we can’t sell an item we make on the laser with it unless we pay the extra $20 per item?

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It sort of looks that way. I read all the terms and it seems a bit nebulous. I bought an unlimited, too…partially because at first it looked like we could use the downloads commercially. Now, I’m not so sure.

There’s an FAQ page that adds a bit of a wrinkle, but I think it’s a helpful wrinkle.

The first part is perhaps a technicality. It says we can’t “PRINT” products or merchandise for sale. It’s a pedantic definition that the laser is “cutting or engraving” and not printing. (But the Glowforge is technically called a printer… so…??)

However, the wrinkle that I think helps us is that it says the vectors can be used in “design elements, decorative purposes, or art” with no restrictions. That’s a vague clause that opens a lot of doors. It doesn’t say you can’t sell that “art”. It explicitly says that the Art clause under the Standard license covers commercial and business purposes. I’d argue that (most/all of) our projects classify as art.

The cases where the Extended license is necessary seems very specific and don’t seem aimed our kind of works.

Anybody want to check my math? Here’s the page I’m reading:


Yeah, from the FAQ on what the standard license includes: “[items] where the value of the images is not the main value of the overall project.” It seems that you can make art, but not sell it. I mean, if you were to sell the art, you’d probably have a legal case that the terms are vague. These are some of the most confusing terms I’ve ever seen AND the whole thing is misleading. You can make marketing materials, but not sell business cards? Basically, you can use the images, but you can’t sell anything physical with the images on them. Guess I won’t be buying in. :frowning:


I agree with your interpretation of the license. If I want to use one of those vectors on a laser-cut item and sell it, the Extended License does not seem to be needed, because it is not “printing.”

But yeah, the terms are confusing. You can use the art in “applications” but not “computer programs?” Uh, OK.


Well, this is too confusing to me. I just went through the motions to cancel my subscription.


I’d be leery of getting into a legal definition of “print” in the court system when the definition of print is to transfer by mechanical means.

The full license is probably better to read than the FAQ/synopsis. (

What you aren’t going to find on a site like this is verbiage geared specifically towards laser cutting. Laser cutting is probably so far off of their radar it doesn’t even blip.


I think this is dangerous territory, though. The terms are basically saying that you can’t PUT their artwork on a product for the purpose of resale. Without even arguing the definition of the word “print,” I think the spirit of what they are saying is pretty clear in the end. " You may separately purchase StockUnlimited’s Extended License: 1. in any printed material, merchandise or products for resale purpose," And when you browse through what is acceptable under the standard license in the terms, art items are specified as “decorative” and “for display.”

I have seen people be tricked into using images that they technically did not have the right to use and then sued for it. It’s just not worth it when there are other low-cost options available.


It is still unclear to me.

You can’t use the products for a t-shirt, for example. So that would seem to mean that any other object featuring the image, like a laser-etched rock, would also be disallowed.

But, you CAN use the images like this:

“StockUnlimited content can also accompany magazine articles, books, advertising, brochures, documents, illustrations, booklets, billboards, business cards, and packaging, high-resolution videos, and presentations where the value of the images is not the main value of the overall project.”

So if you had a laser project which was functional and their art was a decoration, that might be OK? :man_shrugging:

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