Stone Awards

I was asked to make awards for our local association of realtors banquet and everyone was happy with the results. Me especially since I had never had to work with adhering two pieces of stone together before!Recipients%20with%20Awards


Why the black faces? Are they fugitives from the law? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


LOL, just for privacy.

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Great Idea. I love the awards. Also I’ve never met a shy realtor. :slight_smile:


Right? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Cool! I’d love to see a closeup of the award (details blacked out for privacy, of course).


Here’s a closeup of the stone right after engraving with the GF.


Very crisp! Is that granite?

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I was first told it was polished slate, but it seems to be some kind of marble according to the business where I get them. I absolutely love working with it though as it gives a great contrast! They always let me pick through their rejects pile so they don’t always remember what it is :roll_eyes:

Did you use something to get the lettering so crisp? How did you adhere stone? These are awesome.

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Thank you!
I had it set for 340 LPI since that seems to do the best on this and other stones I use.
Stone was adhered to each other with silicone…don’t remember specific brand but the stone place here recommended it.

I’ve done a few marble tiles so far, and marble is by far the best stone I’ve used for engraving. I’ve done some regular ceramic, too, and they work, but you nearly always have to color the engraving for it to show up. In addition, it takes longer, as you have to go slower for ceramic, while you can go full speed with marble, and it does just fine.

Black marble tile works the best for contrast. If you’re doing something like lettering, just setting it up like normal works. If you’re doing a photograph, turn it into a negative prior to engraving, or it will turn into one on the tile. If I think of it when I get home (I may not–it’ll be late), I’ll post some pics in a new thread. I don’t want to hijack this one.