Stop file separating in Illustrator!

Hello! I am trying to solely engrave an image. I’ve tried flattening the artwork in both and svg and pdf, and when I upload Glowforge separates the artwork and will only engrave one of the three layers they separate my image into? Most of the image engraves, but the circle and a little bit of the edges of the ruff show up in other boxes. Manually asking for all engraving isn’t working? The whole image is fully black and the cicle has no fill.
Logo_backpack.pdf (984.9 KB)

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yeah so glowforge wants to cut paths like your circle.

If you want to engrave it as it with no cut outline then rasterizing (exporting as a png) will work fine. If you want it to be a vector then you have a little work to do, expanding the stroke of your circle etc.


You also have a clipped path which glowforge will ignore and treat as a path. There’s a bunch of little details here. Exporting as a high resolution png is probably the simplest solution.


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