Storage advice

So we’re getting close to finishing our remodeled school bus and have especially designed wall cabinet for all of our work stuff and the glowforge and all that goodness. I’m trying to figure out the best I think I can do to make sure the glow forwards itself will travel safely while the bus is driving. I know I’ll need to take the tray out and store the laser head safely but is there any other advice you guys have? What do you think?

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I would put the internal packing back in and lock the arm (like when shipping it).


this is definitely a Q for @jbmanning5.


Locking down the gantry with the screw knobs it shipped with and the rubber strips that go under the gantry wheels for cushioning the gantry (and tube). Those and a small box with foam insert for the head and you should be fine.


I repacked it back in the original box whenever I moved. No telling if you’ll have to send it back for repairs, new tube, etc. so I just decided to bring the box.

In the absence of that, just lock it all down with the orange bits, and I would probably tape the lid on the sides and front to keep it from jumping if when you hit one of the billions of pot holes out there, or google takes you down a 10-mile dirt road full of washouts.