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My husband and I put together the Martha Stewart flat file cabinet today for our Glowforge. It was a beast of an assembly project that took us more than four hours. We made one mistake early on, so there is an unfinished piece visible at the bottom (the finished side is at the back), and we had a problem with one of the drawer pulls that will be fixable with a little glue. But even with those mistakes, it still looks great:

It just barely fit under the window between Tom’s desk and the wall. The wide drawers will fit 3 stacks of Proofgrade each without the dividers, or one or two with some dividers in place (with smaller spaces for tools and stuff as well). We expect that we will be able to store the necessary office supplies in the lower drawers so that there will be more space in his office now. The color seems close enough to the PG walnut veneer that I think we will use that to cover up the assembly mistake.

For anyone thinking of getting this unit, it seems pretty well-made and assembly is not terribly difficult, but be very careful with orientation of the first few pieces. :slight_smile: The instructions say that it requires at least two people to assemble, and I concur that I would not want to try it by myself. Also, the packaging leaves many tiny Styrofoam dots all over everything - you will want a handheld vacuum as part of your workflow putting it together.

I can put the vent hose out the window myself by standing on tiptoe and leaning on the window sill, but it would definitely be easier with a small step stool in there.


I would love to have a flat file cabinet. That one looks great. :grinning:

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That looks like it was designed for the room. Very nice!

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Very nice! I struggle with all the materials I’ve acquired since getting my :glowforge: This is an elegant solution.

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Very nice! A beautiful piece to compliment your Glowforge!

Gorgeous cabinet! Man, that’s really pretty :slight_smile:

What’s funny is that we weren’t even looking for it to be pretty. It’s about the only cabinet we found that has drawers big enough to hold full sheets of Proofgrade, and that had a big enough top to put the Glowforge on. It was also a bonus that it fit into the space so well. The office feels very open now that he doesn’t have the table that previously held the Glowforge and all the stacks of boxes of “stuff” (that was important to have in his office, and yet that mostly haven’t been opened in the nine years since we moved here :crazy_face: ).


I went with the IKEA version for the same reason. It’s nice to get the whole sheet of PF into a drawer. Yours is a whole heck of a lot prettier though lol.

Look at all that space! Only the drawer with the draftboard is anywhere close to full.