Storage and work table

Based on a post elsewhere in the forum, my husband built this storage/work table. We decided not to put the GF on it because we wanted the workspace on top for taping and such (maybe we can keep the dining room table clear for actual dining now).

The legs and shelves are from Ikea.


Wonderful! Love this!

I’m looking at options for a good work bench/storage now too (to replace my “temporary” thing I’ve been using for over a year now) and love the idea of using IKEA cabinet legs (at least that’s what they look like) to space/support the shelves… And the side braces are fantastic!! Nice and airy looking, while being super functional.

I’ve found too though being not as tall as many, I want my GF on a 30" or so high surface so I can comfortably reach the power button & vent & see everything inside–so usually means modifying something or custom build… may have to borrow this concept (vs. a Bror work cart without mounting the wheels…)

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Yes, those are IKEA cabinet legs (CAPITA) and the LINNMON desktop. I saw a post elsewhere (a link from another GF forum post) that described using Liquid Nails. My husband didn’t like that idea, so he did the braces instead. We’ll probably put casters on it at some point, so that it can be wheeled into the next room (in the event someone wants to watch TV while working).

Dream on!

It looks great and I’m considering doing something similar.


Nice combo of form and function.

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I thought that I saw one like this with rods down the support tubes. If I did bracing, I’d be inclined to make them diagonal front/right-left/bottom to back/right-left/top and diagonally across back bottom to top. Triangles are a strong shape.

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Cross bracing good too to keep it from “racking” (which they might have had the version IKEA sells for many of its shelving systems, and just not visible in the view), and the side verticals keep each piece aligned vertically–as Katie noted they didn’t want to glue each leg to the shelf, so it can be taken apart easily if needed this way (basically this is a stack of little tables that are then tied together with the side (& other) vertical bracing.

I’ve also seen furniture that uses long threaded rods and then you use floor flanges or large nuts on either side of the shelf to position it on the rod (in each corner). Can be a great look, but more expensive for all that hardware vs. the Capita legs from IKEA!

Loads of great ideas out there–this is just one of many of them!


Hope springs eternal :smile:


It’s always good to have a place to assemble things.

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Been thinking of doing a table like this. Very nice design. One needs all the flat space you can get!!!

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