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Hello. We are a High School in Spokane Washington, and we have a Glowforge Pro.
Our senior Engineering class is designing and building a mobile storage cart for our GF. This will allow us a platform for the GF as well as a place for material underneath.
Students are required to see if this is a need with other users, and wonder if any of you would be interested in giving us feedback about our project.

What do currently set your glowforge on?
If a mobile cart with material storage was on the market, would you be interested?

Thanks for your time.


I use this, from Costco:

… although I store my materials elsewhere.


Hi, and welcome to the community!

A mobile cart is a great idea, and many users have messed with more standard tables in order to add wheels, myself included.
My :glowforge: is on a metal horizontal filing cabinet, which is then on a piece of wood with wheels attached to it. I don’t move mine much, but the ability to slide it just a bit has made a big difference on a number of occasions!

I’ve considered, but not yet done, using an open front cabinet and installing numerous drawer slides at only a few inches apart, so a ~18" opening would get me ~6 different drawers for material. I generally have a little bit of a lot of different kinds so I don’t need a big space, I need lots of little ones.


Welcome to the forum.
Although many of the options discussed here in the forum are not mobile, there are many posts about what we put our Glowforge on: Search results for 'table for glowforge' - Glowforge Owners Forum

The rolling tool carts from Harbor Freight, Home Depot, etc. are pretty popular as well.


I have mine on one of these Origami shelves - it just fits (you need two people to maneuver it into place). Placed on the second shelf from bottom it’s a good working height. There isn’t enough clearance to open the lid completely but plenty of room to place materials, work, and clean the GF. This also avoids stressing that lid cable that caused so many people trouble (I have a fairly early GF with the shorter cable and have never needed to replace it). There’s storage above and below and the wheels make it easy to move around when I want to use the passthrough slot.


Greetings -

Husky adjustable height table with two drawers from Home Despot.

There was lots of good feedback on particular elements of a storage / GF bench in the recent thread - Ultimate All-In-One Glowforge workstation.

I personally wouldn’t be interested in something custom built by others, just due to the shipping cost to get here. :). But by all means share what you come up with and I’m sure you’ll get feedback. :slight_smile:



Thank you for the feedback. Your input is great, and helps our students come up with a design.


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