Storing Temperature

Hi everyone. We are thinking about moving our glowforge out into our garage/shop. I’m worried about the temperature it can be stored in and function in. We live in central California and do not have AC in our garage so it can get pretty warm in there. Any advice?


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From the User Manual


I would say it depends on how hot it gets in there. I live in Southern CA and keep mine in the kitchen. No matter how much I run the AC, the insulation in the house is non-existent and on hot days, the coolest I can get my place is like 80 degrees.

The Glowforge (I have a Basic) will not cut on those days because of the heat, you’ll get a temperature error, it may run a few seconds, tell you it needs to cool down, and then pause and take a while to cool, then try running again for a few more seconds. So I do most of my cutting at night when it’s cooled down.

Given that it’s never really cold here, I’ve never run into a problem where it’s too cold.


You’re not the first to ask.

Every summer we see this kind of topic come up. Every winter it’s the other direction. Figuring out the correct search terms can be tough but it’s worth digging around a little, there’s a lot of good info in there. :slight_smile:

I personally use a wall ac unit and keep mine in a backyard shed. Works great.


This is very helpful! Thank you!

Ok thank you this is great!

Thanks! Ya it doesn’t get cold here either just like you! Lol