Strange unengraved spots in letters

I am almost positive I have seen this asked before but I cannot find the write search terms. I am working on some name engraving and it is leaving overlaps unengraved. I am using Inkscape. Can someone point me to the solution?

Your letters are not welded - the parts the overlap cancel each other out in the GF. Find the “unite” command in Inkscape.


Thank you

Union or unite?

What program are you using? Union in Inkscape.


Inkscape. Thanks, I thought I had United them (union). time for another test print.

In Inkscape go to View > Outline and it’ll show you exactly what its sending to the :glowforge: - no need to print to verify :slight_smile:

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Still not working

What font is that? The procedure is select the text, convert object to path, ungroup, union.


I will try redoing them from beginning to end using those steps. The font is called Autography.

Select your font and ungroup, then you should see an individual box around each letter. Now choose path and union.

I think my problem was I was doing union as a group. There are 8 names. Then I grouping them to move them individually.

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Ahh, maybe that’s the problem. I’ve never tried that.

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Just in case, see if this helps (it’s not the exact same font, but it’s got overlays so it works similarly)
I’ve got my View mode in Outline


Best mini demo ever. I think that nailed it.