Stranger Things Shadow Box Build

I made a layered, resin filled Stranger Things Shadow Box from a drawing originally created by alcateiaart out of Sao Paulo, Brazil.

I used my iPad to trace out the designs I wanted, took the layers into the computer to create the laser cutting files then went to building. I used Promarine Resin (link on our website) to fill each layer. I hit a major snag when I applied WAY too much super glue to finish the piece. After a lot of careful sanding the shadow box was complete and looks great on our shelf.

Youtube Build process

For the cut files, head over to

Links to tools used in this build:



I like it! However, it looks like it’s…upside down :wink:

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Honestly really funny you say that because i originally glued it upsidedown of the real upside and that was a realllllll bummer lol so after careful fixing its the rightsideup- upsidedown lol


hahahahahaha! that’s awesome

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The resin fill is a cool addition. Not easy to debubble something like that.


Heat gun. Only way it worked. pops all the bubbles!


Neat project.

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