Striped Letter Sets

So I have been spending the last few days making different letter sets. This is what I came up with so far with a basic stripe design for letters. I turned them into keychains and Phone stands. I also made two versions for the letter Q as well since its some people like the line to be downward and some like it to be sideways so I figured I’d add that in as a bonus option based on peoples preferences. I also made sure to “dull” all the corner parts to make sure there was no sharper edges for the keychains.

Here’s the Keychains:

And here’s the phone stands:


Those look really nice Josh! I think I like the plainness of the R the best. Seems to make it stand out more, but that’s just me. :slight_smile:


Thanks. I wanted to go more simplistic for my first sets. Still learning newer skills through good old YouTube lol. I like to try something new as often as possible. Then start basic and work up from there.


These do look good. Classy


Very striking, love the T keychain in particular.


Very nice! The stripes are certainly cool. If my name were Quincy I would be pleased about your attitude on the Q. Phone stands are cool, too!


Wouldn’t it be nice if the GF forum should have its own little “video how-tos” section so we don’t have to go searching all over YouTube? It could have all kinds of little demo videos (for those who know how to make them) for things like that - from creating different effects to how to put designs together. Sure, you can read instructions, but sometimes seeing it done, and being able to pause a video, makes it easier. It wouldn’t need things like watching something being cut on the GF, as no one needs to see that. But even to be able to see someone do an actual cleaning of it would help. I know I searched YouTube for that myself. But to have stuff like that all in one place would be nice, and if it were on the GF site, you should “hopefully” be able to trust it more. Just a thought.


There are lots of videos on here - they’re just not native to the forum (generally) because it wasn’t designed for giant files. For instance:

Spend some time in the Tips and Tricks category - you may enjoy it :slight_smile:


I will, thanks @deirdrebeth. For some reason, although I do a lot of searches on the forum when I need to figure something out, I never think of the Tips and Tricks section! :thinking: